National Day of Repentance

Motuan villages observe 10 days of repentance

The people from Vabukori, Tubuserea, Gaire, Papa, Pari, Taikone and Kilakila have been repenting for the last 10 days. The event was organised by the Motu-Koitabu Indigenous Prayer Network.

The villagers gathered together every night in the last 10 days, coming together before God in repentance of the 10 Commandments that they’ve broken.

MKIPN member and Evangelism Explosion Ministry PNG national director, Pamela Amini, explained that today is a solemn assembling of the people following the 10 days of repentance.

Motuans come together to mark Repentance Day

The solemn assembly was organised by the Motu-Koitabu Indigenous Prayer Network (MKIPN).

People travelled as far as Gaire, Tubuserea, Papa and Pari to join Vabukori villagers and the surrounding communities like Taikone and Kilakila, as well as United Church members within the city.

The ceremony began with the blowing of the trumpet and went on to the reading of scriptures, explanation of the Covenant, public reading and repentance of the Ten Commandments.

There was a release of blessing over the nation, city and the land and over the seven mountains of influence.

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Cultural Commission against destroying cultural items

Cultural Commission against destroying cultural items

Activities will include the burning of objects used in “idol worship and witchcraft’’.

The NCC is alarmed by statements which, it says, seem to incite violence against the PNG cultures.