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Trial date fixed for Bawa’s case

Bawa will stand trial on Feb 6, 2017 where he will answer to allegations of abusing the authority of his office.

He appeared before Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika today where the date was set.

On Oct 17, the Waigani District Court committed Bawa for trial in the National Court after sufficient evidence was found against him.

From Kandep in Enga Province, he is facing allegations of stealing and abusing the authority of his office last year while he was the NCD Metropolitan Superintendent.

Cop allowed bail

28-year-old Haro Arimu, of Gulf province, was allowed bail at K1000 after he brought to the court’s attention that one of his three children was an asthmatic patient, who is being taken care of by his mother.

Justice Panuel Mogish allowed bail today saying Arimu’s sick child was his responsibility because his wife had left him.

He however, said the nature of his offense was serious and he should have thought of his sick child before committing the alleged offense.

Bail refused to sea piracy accused

Boge Madaha returned to court today before Justice Panuel Mogish, who refused bail because he was not convinced Madaha showed exceptional circumstances to be allowed out on bail.

Bail was also refused due to the nature of the offense and also because Madaha waited three days before turning himself in.

Madaha was one of three suspects who surrendered to police and was arrested and charged in relation to the attack and murder of 35-year-old man, Heni Heni.

Nawara case dismissed by court

Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika threw out the case against Anna Nawara, of Kubalea, after her lawyer in a no-case submission told the court there was no case for her to answer to as there was no evidence against her.

Sir Gibbs, in dismissing the case, upheld her lawyer’s submission saying the state failed to establish all the elements of the charges and allegation against her.

“This case is not properly investigated and evidence is not proper to run a trial. NHC says the house belongs to it while court case said she has title,” Sir Gibbs told the court.

Piracy attack accused asks court for bail

Boge Madaha is detained at the Waigani Police station holding cell after he was arrested and charged by police with piracy and murder.

He went before Justice Panuel Mogish today with his lawyer asking the court for bail. A decision on the bail application will be made in court on Friday.

Madaha was one of three suspects who surrendered to police on Aug 23 and was arrested and charged in relation to the attack and murder of 35-year-old man, Heni Heni.

Misappropriation case against Kila-Pat dismissed

The case was listed for a trial to commence today (Nov 7) before Deputy Chief Justice, Sir Gibbs Salika however the State said it will not prosecute the matter as it does not have enough evidence against Kila-Pat and his two co-accused; Simeon Andrew and Vavine Walo.

Andrew was the Department of Lands and Physical Planning’s Corporate Director while Walo was the Manager of Finance and Budget when they were arrested last year and charged with Kila-Pat for misappropriation.

Pastor’s false pretense case dismissed

Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika in dismissing the case said it was a waste of the court’s time as Pastor Nou Mase, from Pari village had legal title as the owner of the customary land.

A trial was conducted today with the complainant, William Gari and his wife, Louisa giving evidence in court against Mase.

Bawa’s bail conditions to be reviewed

Following the committal of his case for trial in the National Court on Oct 17, Bawa’s bail conditions will be reviewed in court next Monday by his lawyer and State Prosecutors before Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika.

Bawa and his lawyer appeared before Sir Gibbs this afternoon and were told to consult and consent with the office of the Public Prosecutor on the bail conditions for review next Monday. He remains on District Court bail until then.

Cook on trial for sexual assault of boy

The man from Enga was committed by the Waigani District Court for trial this week after enough evidence was found in court against him.

He is expected to appear at the Waigani National Court on Nov 8 for listing where a date will be set for his trial once the appropriate court documents are fixed.

The alleged incident took place on May 9 this year at the barracks where the man worked as a cook in its mess and the boy lives with his parents.

Decision of ITFS disbanding next month

Justice Collin Makail on Thursday afternoon heard submissions from parties in the judicial review case; ITSF chairman Sam Koim who represented himself, lawyer representing Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, Mal Varitimos, NEC’s lawyer Tiffany Twivey-Nonggorr and Nicholas Tame, representing the Royal PNG Constabulary.

The ITFS team was disbanded in an NEC decision in 2014, however that has been stayed by the National Court pending the outcome of this Judicial Review proceeding that has been in court for the past two years.