National Capital District Commission

RSPCA’s education program aims to save PNG native fauna

In a statement, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) of Papua New Guinea Inc. says they launched a campaign aimed at saving PNG’s native fauna in 2012.

“The animal welfare organisation, working with its partners from RSPCA Queensland, Australia, designed an educational program that outlines the importance of protecting our native fauna,” states RSPCA.

City residents to celebrate Independence Day with festivities

The National Capital District Commission (NCDC) have organised activities including a street festival, live concert, canoe race, community festival at  Nine-Mile and cultural activities at Jack Pidik Park.

The three days street and dance festival from September 15-17 will be held for the first time in PNG at the Paga Hill ring road comprising of music, arts and crafts while the canoe race will take place at Ela Beach.

Eda Ranu owed millions in outstanding water bills

The board and management of Eda Ranu has appealed to the concerned parties to pay their bills or risk disconnection.

In 2013, the Eda Ranu board and management signed an MoU to partner NCD Governor – and the open members from the 3 electorates – to deliver water services into the settlements and villages within the city.

However, this agreement has resulted in outstanding bills of K2.5 million owed by NCDC for the installation of a dedicated water line for Taurama.

A further K300,000 is owed by villages and settlements.

Parkop disappointed with delay in Gordon market reconstruction

“I am very disappointed with the delay in the construction of the market which is close to three years now since the signing,” Parkop said when responding to questions from Loop PNG.

Governor Parkop added that the delay has not affected the counterpart funding from the New Zealand Government.  

The market will get a total reconstruction at a cost of K30 million to increase selling and storage space for vendors and also make it user-friendly.

The National Capital District Commission and the Government of New Zealand will halve the cost.

Betelnut checks on Hiritano Highway lifted

NCDC earlier this month officially announced a partnership with NCDC Police to enforce the law on Buai Ban and to deal with people chewing betelnut in public places in the city.

Deputy City Manager Honk Kiap says the misconception that general public thinks that city hall is trying to ban betelnut completely is not true and that chewing is not the problem but it the way the chewers dispose of their betel nut rubbish and spittle.

NCDC now in charge of city schools operations

This follows the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) today between the Minister for Education and the NCD Governor in Port Moresby.

The signing officially begins the work of transferring the powers and functions under the NCD Education Service Division in the Department of Education to the NCDC.

DoE will only be responsible for determining national policies and standards while NCDC will now take responsibility of all registered elementary, primary, secondary and vocational schools in the city.

Word going out about value of mangroves

During clean up, awareness will be carried out within the community about the benefits of mangroves to the coastal system.

Officers  of NCDC Waste Management will also carry out awareness on waste and how to manage waste in communities.