National Alliance Party

NA Endorses 61 Candidates

Among the 61 candidates are four women who are not new to the leadership space.

Former Governor for Eastern Highlands, Julie Soso will contest the Eastern Highlands Regional seat,  former Morobe Acting Provincial Administrator, Shiela Harou for Morobe Regional seat, NA Party General Secretary, Joyce Grant who has 20 years experience of managing NA party will contest the Kiriwina-Goodenough Open and Mary Morola, former Secretary for the Department of Labour standing for Kerema Open.

National Alliance anticipated to put up Opposition leader

As per law the party with the highest number in any sides of the government will automatically lead each side.

Hence given the surge in numbers for NA, the opposition leader may well be the leader of National Alliance.

Former deputy opposition leader and Pangu Pati leader Sam Basil, was queried about the absence of an opposition leader for both parliament seatings, the recent one being on the 22nd of August.

Schnaubelt: No talks between N.A and P.N.C yet

Schnaubelt is also the new member elect for Namatanai Open in New Ireland Province.

He confirmed that talks with smaller parties and independent candidates for a grand coalition had already started but not with the ruling, People’s National Congress Party.      

“At the moment, it is P.N.C vs N.A, and N.A will give it their best shot to try and form the next government,” Schnaubelt said.   

NA confident to win 25 seats

NA Party president and declared winner for Namatanai Open, Walter Schnaubelt, is beaming with confidence, with the current progressive results of counting in the 2017 National Elections.      

“National Alliance is looking confortable to win at least 25 seats,” Schnaubelt announced in a media conference this afternoon.  

“We are tracking that way right now, and we are confident to have these numbers.

“We are also in discussion with 20 independent candidates who are happy to join the team, in relations to the formation of the (new) government.

10 Members of Parliament declared so far

So far, Pangu Party has two declared, one declared for National Alliance Party, the Melanesian Liberal Party (MLP) has one MP declared whist the People’s National Congress (PNC) Party has the highest with six declared members. 

Among the 10 declared were Prime Minister and Member for Ialubu Pangia Peter O’Neill and Tari Pori MP James Marape who was the first member to be declared on July 9.

COUNTING: Namatanai Open progressive results - after count 10

Schnaubelt collected 1,976 more votes after the counting of the ballot boxes from the Namatanai LLGs.

After count 7, Schnaubelt was leading with 4659 votes and has now extended his lead by 1,976 votes after count 8, 9 and 10.

Schnaubelt’s progressive total after count 10 is 6635 votes and in second place is incumbent Open Member for Namatanai James Byron Chan on 5189 votes.

Coming in at 3rd place is Leonard Tonggo from Pangu Party on 35 votes, 4th place is Independent candidate Kiapgugu Ignatius Matius on 23 votes followed by Pastor Chan Philip on 17 votes.

Counting in Namatanai delayed

Counting was suspended at 7pm on Sunday after count 7.

Walter Schnaubelt from National Alliance Party is currently leading the progressive tally for Namatanai Open after count 7 from the Matalai LLG.

Schnaubelt is in the lead on 4,659 votes and in 2nd place is People’s Progress Party candidate and incumbent Open Member for Namatanai James Byron Chan on 3318 votes.

Coming in at 3rd place is Leonard Tonggo from Pangu Party on 25 votes followed by Independent candidate Kiapgugu Ignatius Matius on 23 votes.

EC deprived PNG’s democratic rights: Pruaitch

National Alliance Party parliamentary leader, Patrick Pruaitch, said it was inexcusable that thousands of Papua New Guineans have been unable to exercise their democratic right because the Electoral Commission had failed in its primary task of updating the Electoral Roll.

“Many of us have theories about these turn of events with legitimate voters taken off the Roll and other electorates padded in inexplicable ways,” Pruaitch says.

He also said returning officers have the legal authority to declare winning candidates.

NA Party aims to save PNG economy

"We are not promising overnight miracles,” says NA Party Leader, Patrick Pruaitch.  

“It will take time to work through current cash flow problems and to stabilise the economy.”

Pruaitch said the NA-led Government in 2002-2007 did rescue the country’s economy from a deficit to surplus budget.

He states that the current economic climate is challenging because of the K15 billion explosion in public sector debt in the past five years.

Candidate: Somare gave me his blessing

“Mi sindaun na askim Sir Michael Somare, mi tokim em papa las minute, mi senism tingting na laik ron lo eleksen,” Alan Bird said.  (I sat with Sir Michael Somare and told him at the last minute that I have changed my mind; I am thinking of contesting in the elections.)

“Papa tupla eleksen mi salensim yu, mi laik sanap ken, yu ting wanem?” (Father, for two elections, I have challenged you and am thinking of standing again, what is your opinion?