Nancy Pelosi

Former US Rep. Don Edwards, champion of civil rights, dies

Leonard Edwards said his father died Thursday night in his sleep at his home in Carmel.

"It was a fully productive life," Leonard Edwards said Friday. "You really can't ask for more than 100 years and all of the things he did, and he passed away peacefully, which is a blessing."

Tributes rolled in for the man who passionately fought for the rights of minorities and women, and helped create an urban wildlife refuge at the southern end of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Pelosi urges US to take in more refugees

Pelosi said a figure of 5,000 more refugees suggested by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry "is far too low." Kerry told members of Congress in a meeting Wednesday that the U.S. will boost its worldwide quota for resettling refugees from 70,000 to 75,000 next year, adding that the number could rise. A fraction of those would be from Syria.

House Dem leader Pelosi backs Iran nuclear deal

Pelosi expressed her backing for the accord at a news conference Thursday morning on Capitol Hill.

The Obama administration has launched a full-court press to win over skeptical Democrats in Congress, and Pelosi's support is a key gain.

By law, the administration must submit the deal to Congress, which has 60 days to review the pact and vote to approve, disapprove or remain silent.