MV Rabaul Queen case

Husband recalls trip that cost wife's life

In 2012, the couple, both aspiring teachers awaiting their ticket fares to travel for their first year of studies at the University of Goroka, left their two children, the eldest son being four and the youngest daughter only two years old. 

Romney, against the prolonged wait for his ticket, while late Laupu being denied a ticket due to reasons unknown to this day, decided to make the trip to Goroka by ship to Lae, then by PMV to the university. This plan did not pan out the way they hoped. 

Rabaul Queen witnesses urged to contact police

Here is a list of witnesses who need to contact NCD metropolitan superintendent Ben Turi as soon as possible:


  1. Sumina Auwogi
  2. Rose Kamuai
  3. Thomas Kavia
  4. Kumaso Hakaga Salome
  5. Delphine Mugagai
  6. Mathew Tonoin
  7. Joseph Kikira
  8. James Kondes


  1. Gilbert Auka
  2. Wali Alphonse
  3. Morisen Wenu
  4. Michael Mirilan
  5. Marius Joseph Jnr
  6. Peter Pogoson


Maritime expert to give evidence in Sharp trial

Amongst those selected witnesses who will be brought to Kokopo is an Australian maritime expert, Martin Renilson.

Renilson is scheduled to give evidence next month (Oct 17) during the trial at the Kokopo National Court.

Leading state prosecutor Paul Banister, who is heading the trial, made known to the court early this week that funding is yet to be made available for more witnesses to be brought to Kokopo.

The State is now prioritising funds for key witnesses in the trial, one of which is Renilson.

Captain Peter Robert Sharp granted leave

After the adjournment of his trial on August 11, Captain Sharp applied for bail variation due to a medical condition that he has, one that requires regular check up. For that same reason, he also asked for his passport to be released so he could travel abroad.

Justice Terrence Higgins allowed Sharp to travel after he sought leave of the court to vary his bail conditions. Sharp left the country on Sunday and is expected to return before September 5th.