Ivory Coast: Army launches operation 'to restore order' after mutiny

The soldiers took to the streets in several cities over a pay dispute and blocked off the second largest city, Bouaké, on Saturday.

They have said they are willing to fight if the army intervenes.

Popular opposition to the rebellion has been growing, culminating in a march against the soldiers in Bouaké.

Six people were wounded when the soldiers opened fire on protesters during Saturday's demonstration.


'Troops advancing'

Komo soldiers charged for mutiny

They were formally charged at 4pm on Dec 31, almost three days after they were disarmed and brought into Port Moresby after two of their co mrades were killed on Tueday Dec 22, in Komo.

They were charged under section 55 of the PNG Defence Force Act for mutiny. Mutiny is an open rebellion against the proper authorities, especially by soldiers or sailors against their officers.