CHM focuses on promoting new musicians

The music label has been identifying potential artists in their project to bring new sound to PNG.

The first to drop this year was Kid Nesian with Stap Wantem Yu.

“We’ve come across a lot of good talent, Brian is one of them and there’s going to be a lot more coming up,” CHM manager, Artist & Repertoire, Renata Mari told Loop PNG.

“All these recordings were done last year but because we didn’t have the platform to monetize those songs, we didn’t release.

How to download to Google Drive directly

With products like Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, all of our data whether it’s images, music, videos, docs can live in the cloud.

It’s easy to upload data to your Google Drive from your computer or smartphone. But you can also download files to your Google Drive directly from the internet. This includes downloading YouTube videos to Google drive, saving web pages, and even download a software and other files to Google Drive.

How to download YouTube videos to Google Drive directly?

Guns N' Roses booed after confusing Melbourne with Sydney at MCG concert

Thousands of people arrived hours before the gig was due to start and the crowd roared when the band finally hit the stage.

But the cheers turned to boos after guitar technician McBob forgot where he was.

Thousands of people arrived hours before the gig was due to start and the crowd roared when the band finally hit the stage.

But the cheers turned to boos after guitar technician McBob forgot where he was.

"Sydney, you wanted the best but they're stuck in traffic, so here's what you get," he yelled, before introducing the band.

Guns N' Roses bring 'bad boy rock 'n' roll' to Melbourne

After a rough start in which the Melbourne crowd was confused for Sydney, founding members Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan reunited to perform for local fans for the first time since 1993.


Rob Mopar

I've loved Guns N' Roses since grade 5 so I had to come. My olds were pretty strict and wouldn't let me come when I was 14. I'm 38 now and they're old men.

Sarah Kelly

Musicals come last in sexy music poll

According to a new poll, songs from musicals are the least likely to get played in the British bedroom.

Musicals came dead last in a list of the 19 genres of music that couples listen to as the lights go down.

Even chamber music, thrash metal and hymns ranked higher in a survey of more than 2,000 people conducted by Birmingham's Symphony Hall.

So what musical genre was judged to have the most sex appeal? Well, it's no surprise to find it's good ol' R&B.


PNG-West Papuan artists in exclusive performance

Under the label Rebel Musik, founder Airileke will bring with him various artists, including members of Grrilla Step, Twin Tribe, Paluai Sook Sook, Drum Drum and Rize of the Morning Star onto the international platform.

This may not be the first appearance of PNG’s Airileke, but the performance promises to be mind-blowing, featuring new faces, bringing with it the true Papuan identity.

Music lovers seek authenticity in plastic

This trend comes despite the assumption that the digital age would eventually do away with analogue.

Professor Fernandez and her fellow researcher Professor Michael Beverland from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology decided to investigate the trend by focussing on the allure of vinyl records.

They conducted in-depth interviews with collectors from New Zealand, the UK and the US.

Most were men, mainly in their 20s and 30s. One put in his wedding vows that his wife would never make him stop collecting, another had 7000 records stored in his mother's garage.

Sharzy to welcome 2017 in Alotau

Next weekend will be his first visit and performance to Alotau, Milne Bay Province, thanks to his latest hit song Wahine Alotau.

The man from Simbo and Malaita in the Solomon Islands will welcome 2017 in Alotau with a two-night concert, from December 30 to 31.

The performance, part of his Bilas Bilum tour, will be at the Alotau International Hotel’s jetty entertainment club, made possible by Studio B37 Media Sparksv.

Kerowaii plans two PNG video shoots

He told Loop PNG the shoot will take place during his trip to PNG in the coming weeks.

“I'll be doing two music video shoots for my debut album Mango Tree, coming out in February 2017. “It will be more location shots of PNG scenery and the cultural landscape, places where I grew up,” he said.

The videos will be for songs Paper Face & Sweet Temptation, two of 12 songs on his album.

The 12 Days Of Christmas: A secret code for persecuted Catholics?

To many who have heard dozens of adaptations, the song seems to bring together a random bunch of animals and people like "eight maids a-milking" and "11 pipers piping".

But the meaning behind the familiar and cheerful song may have been closely tied with religious teachings, according to historical theologian Associate Professor Bronwen Neil from the Australian Catholic University.