Harry Styles debuts new song (and Twitter goes crazy)

At least that's what it feels like as the former One Direction member debuted his new song, "Sign of the Times" Friday and the Internet commenced to freak out.

This is standard practice, by the way, for anything having to do with the former members of One Direction.

The long, slow-paced jam. which clocks in just under six minutes, quickly lit up Twitter as fans shared their love of it.

"Everyone needs to bow down to Harry Styles today because he's the king and his new song is legendary," one person tweeted.

Didjeridu joins Adelaide Symphony Orchestra to bring The Sound of Australia

A new exhibition showcasing the history and the culture of the instrument aims to change that.

A career as an instrumentalist has taken William Barton from "the soundscapes of the Australian bushland" to Carnegie Stadium, the Beijing Olympics, and even a private concert for Queen Sofia of Spain.

Now it's taken him to Adelaide's Town Hall, where he's collaborating with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, as part of the world-first exhibition on the didjeridu, The Sound of Australia.

Why no symphony orchestra in the world makes money

But no symphony orchestra in the world would be financially viable on its own.

That's the startling truth uncovered by Robert Flanagan, a professor of economics at Stanford University and the author of The Perilous Life of Symphony Orchestras.

"They all run an operating deficit, in the sense that the money they earn from concerts, records and so forth does not cover their expenses," he told The Money.

There are many reasons for this, but chief among them is that the expense of running an orchestra is enormous and virtually impossible to bring down.

Music video highlights generational conflict between modesty and modernity

PNG has strict laws against pornography and strong censorship of sexually related content in movies and television.

But rapper Tati Mangi has pushed the boundaries of what's acceptable with a video clip that's got the whole country talking.

Who knew women's backsides could cause such a fuss?

Tati Mangi probably did, but he released a video clip for his song Bootilicious featuring young PNG women dancing in bikinis anyway.

Youths take fresh approach in staging Gospel concert

A group of youths are bringing a fresh approach to reaching other youths in communities.

Judah Memafu and a few others have decided to ride on the changing trend in gospel music to capture the interest of the other majority.

They will be staging a two night concert which begins tonight, capturing a diverse line-up including songs, dances, skits as well as a beatbox performance by one of the Yu Em Khax winning duo.

The gospel oriented concert is the initial inaugural project which Memafu says is a community youth initiative.

Metal Fest to rock Port Moresby

Especially for Port Moresby, it will be a night dedicated to pure heavy metal music, a first of such.

And we’re talking seven local bands this time, according to organiser Carmel Pilotti.

“Black Ops is the headliner. They’ve played the biggest metal gig so far at the Pacific Games opening ceremony. That’s the first time heavy metal was played live to a mainstream crowd.

John Legend plays surprise station gig at St Pancras in London

The 10-time Grammy winner tweeted that he was about to get off the Eurostar from Paris.

Within 20 minutes his post had drawn a big crowd who got to hear an eight-minute performance, including Ordinary People.

Afterwards Legend didn't have time for fan selfies as he was escorted away to an unknown location.

This is the tweet that got things started.

Newspaper reporters and other media weren't far behind.

His PR team were ready and poised.

And fans who got down there in time were pretty pleased.

What local artists think about music industry in PNG

This question has recently resurfaced with Tati Mangi PNG’s controversial music video attracting attention to the industry.

The obvious truth stands that this industry is one underachieved and has been struggling for decades.

And like Tati, all musicians hope the government will extend its hand for a little boost.

Here’s what some had to say about the industry:

Stud Cruzer from Planet Native

Mariah Carey announces All I Want movie for this Christmas

Mariah Carey announced the news on Twitter to her 17.6 million followers.

She wrote: "My song is becoming a movie! You're the first to hear about this exciting news".

It will be out for the Christmas holiday season at the end of the year and will be called All I Want.

In it she lies on a sofa in festive pyjamas stroking a small Jack Russell dog who seems to be trying to run away.

There's also a clue to what the animated film will look like in the shape of a copy of her book version of the song.

John Legend's first concert was much cooler than yours

"Jay-Z was kind of unknown at the time and was opening for the Fugees," Legend remembers in a new video featuring "The Voice" advisers. "Like, can you believe it?"

In the new featurette, Legend, Celine Dion, Luke Bryan, and DJ Khaled open up about their musical firsts and favorites, like their first concerts and favorite song to sing in the shower.

The video is being released ahead of next week's Battle Rounds.