Breakdancing crew brings their unique style to the theatre

Nick Power has been a "B*boy" for 25 years and is the choreographer for a new theatre production, Cypher, which will run at the Melbourne Arts Centre.

"A hip-hop jam is mostly improvised and you're reacting to the music and the moment," he told News Breakfast.

"As I've choreographed Cypher, I've used that style and feeling and taken it into a more traditional theatre context, but still keeping it true to the culture of hip hop."

Mr Power said most breakdancers were self-taught and honed their craft by practising with their "crew".

Aussie hip-hop sisterhood is breaking down barriers

"I'm having a visual of, like, people walking in the street for a cause," Akimera Burckhardt-Bedeau tells a group of women sitting around her.

"We are building a community out there, of women, who are out there doing it in hip-hop," she told News Breakfast later on.

Ms Burckhardt-Bedeau is lead facilitator at Sisters on the Mic — a program for women learning the hip-hop ropes — but she prefers to go with just Akimera on stage.

Heart attack shock for one half of Queensland music duo Busby Marou

The 34-year-old — one half of Busby Marou — was playing touch football in Rockhampton last week when he started feeling light-headed.

"I just thought I was puffed and unfit," he said.

"There was tightening across my chest ... it was all the things I had read about, all the signs.

"I still didn't think that was it, but I had a good crew around me that got me to the hospital."

Who is Mal Maninga Kuri?

His journey began a long way from Port Moresby, in his home province in the highlands region.

A young Engan, with a passion for writing and music, he began composing songs at age 12. His style of music was influenced by locals like Gedix Atege and international bands like Michael Learns to Rock and the Backstreet boys.

He moved to the big city – Port Moresby, still holding on to the dream that one day he will be a singer.

By 2006, he had at least three singles out but distributed only among the small group of family and friends.

Music Awards at Lamana tonight

13th YumiFM PNG Musik Awards will be going down tonight at the Gold Club Lamana.

Have you ever seen all music artists in one place at one time?

This is one of such rare occasions, attracting artists within PNG and the Pacific, both male and female, young and old, all music genres.

The PNG Musik Awards is an annual event staged to recognise the efforts of artists both locally and regionally.

There will also be live performances by hot artists including Sharzy, Tarvin Toune, Saii Kay, Jaro Local, Dumen X-TRAS, Mal Meninga Kuri and Bata Rods.

Dance me to the end of adulthood

From leg irons to tap dancing

David Watson, 83, took up tap dancing in his 40s, and has danced ever since.

He took up it up by chance, after accompanying a friend from work to a dance class in Melbourne.

The ex-architecture lecturer recalled the very first lesson on a "lousy" floor located above a porn shop in Swanston Street.

"I used to have to hide my face as I walked in," Mr Watson laughed.

George Clinton: 'Ain't no funk in the Trump'

George Clinton, the singer, songwriter and mastermind behind legendary bands Parliament and Funkadelic, still gets funky around the world and is currently performing his epic catalog of music before sold-out audiences in the US.

"We're here. We ain't going nowhere. We are a movement," Clinton said when CNN caught up with the Grammy-winner at New York's BB King Blues Club.

Anatomy of a Disney musical: Composer reveals process of creating iconic songs

The acclaimed composer and songwriter is the hidden face behind some of Disney's most iconic musicals, including Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid and Aladdin.

His body of work has earned him eight Oscars and 16 Golden Globes, and he's not done yet.

Mr Menken is currently in Australia for the premiere of the stage musical of Aladdin and will head home soon to work on the upcoming live action film version of the story.

So how does he create a Disney song? And what is the process for bringing a fledgling idea all the way to the big screen?

Noah Cyrus is more than Miley's sister

The 17-year-old sibling of Miley Cyrus dropped a new single on Friday morning, and the internet is a buzz about the rising star.

"If you're awake and haven't listened to Stay Together by Noah Cyrus, why r u even up #YourWelcome," tweeted one fan.

"Can't stop singing along to #StayTogether by @noahcyrus," wrote another.

If you're not yet familiar with the youngest Cyrus, here's a bit more about the songstress.

How Ed Sheeran helped Harry Styles with Debut

"I played him a few songs after the album was finished," Harry told the Radio 1 Breakfast Show.

"He didn't say that he didn't like any but he did like one song that isn't on the album."

Ignoring the advice of one of the most successful singer-songwriters might not be a good idea, but Harry says he still decided to leave it off the album.

"He [Ed] is really good - he's one of the most talented dudes I know," he said.