Members of Parliament declared

Loop PNG will be updating the tally as counting countinues and MPs declared.




Peter O’Neill  

Ialibu- Pangia Open

Marus urged provinces to aid students' with fares

He said such incidences occurred unexpectedly and respective provinces must step in and help.

Marus was responding to questions from Milne Bay Governor Titus Philemon regarding the airfares for the self-sponsored students.

He said the commencement of inclusive reconciliation strategy for all staff, students and management before classes must begin and Churches must be involved in the reconciliation process before the students go back to the campuses.

DSIP funds keep MPs intact with PM O’Neill, says Sungi

These are the words of Vice Minister for Provincial and Local Level Government Affairs Joe Sungi today during the launching of the department’s 2014-2017 Corporate Plan.

He revealed that members of parliament are not moving to the other side of the house because of the DSIP funds they have been receiving.

“We are not interested on who will become the prime minister but all we are concerned about was the DSIP funds,” says Sungi.

He said if any prime minister wants to change this concept will not be supported.