mosquito nets

Rotarian program distributes about nine million mosquito nets

Out of the nine million, eight million has gone directly to households, while the other one million goes to pregnant women, schools and prison.

The RAM has been in the country since 2009, assisting the National Department of Health in combating malaria.

Tugyak community receive free medical checks and nets

A team from Ramu NiCo (MCC) Basamuk Refinery comprising Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) and Community Affairs Department officers travelled by road to Tugyak where they met with more than 400 villagers to conduct health and safety awareness.

That was followed by free malaria rapid testing on a number of people and donation of two bales of treated mosquito nets to the community.

A nursing officer in charge of Ganglau health post, Martin Uma also travelled with the team to Tugyak to assist in the awareness.

RAM supplies mosquito nets in Northern Province

RAM has sent a team to Northern Province early this month to distribute the nets.

According to the team leader on the ground, Naduka Yandua, the team has already started its distributions in various LLGs in the province.

Yandua says the distribution has been divided into four phases. So far they have completed first phase and they will be moving onto the second phase over the weekend.

He further stressed that the mosquito net distribution is usually done after five years but this has been reduced to three years.