Morobe Governor Luther Wenge

Kabwum district to be restored

It was a first-of-its-kind violent experience for the people of Kabwum when, on Sunday, July 17th, 2022, a large number of Kabwum’s candidates and their supporters mobilised and destroyed all ballot boxes and papers, rampaged through the district office and burnt two vehicles.

This happened a day after violence broke out at Mutzing Station, in Markham district.

Lae celebrates new concrete road

Most of the pothole-ridden roads have been upgraded, with Erica Street being the new addition.

Work on the once badly-deteriorated road started in September 13, 2023, and was finally concluded on March 12 this year, at a cost of K8.9 million.

PANGU Welcomes Wenge

PANGU Pati Leader and Prime Minister James Marape welcomed the Morobe Governor.

Pangu Pati membership now stands at 53.

From 1992 to 2012, Wenge was a Member of Parliament representing the people of Morobe. He was re-elected as the Regional MP for Morobe in the 2022 National General Elections.

Prime Minister Marape said, “PANGU Pati is no ordinary party, it is a party that birth this country. It was under this party’s watch that we made transition from our colonial outpost into the country being birth as a sovereignty in 1975.

Debts, preachers included in budget

Morobe Governor, Luther Wenge, said this when presenting the K645 million 2023 budget yesterday at Tutumang Haus.

“Subject to finding out whether it’s a true claim or false claim, this budget will provide K30 million to slowly, slowly, settle the debts,” he said, referring to claims of outstanding services by service providers and individuals.

“And then K5 million, we put aside to help the preachers,” he stated.

“The preachers of the gospel, they will preach the gospel in the temple, in the cathedral, in the church, on the streets. We have to support the preachers.

Morobe plans for Kumul TV

Morobe Governor, Luther Wenge, said K1 million will be allocated to ensure the TV station gets its licence to operate by end of 2023.

“Nau mipla laik setim TV so that planti singsing blo yumi, planti kalsa blo yumi, planti pasin blo yumi, planti lotu blo yumi, wanem kainkain stail blo yumi, yumi mas promoutim lo TV.”

No election claims, says Governor

His administration is aware of people claiming payment of services rendered during the campaign period, with most of these claims adding up to over K20,000 per group.

“I have a book of claims,” the Governor stated. “I will go through them one by one to find out what services you’re claiming for and whether it was approved by the tender board.

“All of them, I am going to literally check them"