Moresby South District

Marape commends MP’s leadership

Marape went on to commend the working partnership between Minister Tkatchenko and the Governor for NCD, in improving the livelihood of residents in Moresby South Electorate.

“I want to appreciate the level of clarity Moresby South brings to the table in as far as what an achievable outcome in the space of next five years within the context of vision 2050 for our nation’s prosperity,” said the Prime Minister.

Settlers attack Pari villagers

However, the villagers retaliated and chased them away.

The settlers, after being rejected, held up a PMV at the entrance of the village and ransacked passengers of their personal properties.

Pari villager Alice Penrose, was a passenger in the bus. She said the settlers stopped the bus and ordered them out before taking their belongings.

"They threatened us with knives and stones and pulled a girl out of the bus,” she said.

"This sort of behavior is outrageous and uncalled for in our society.

Moresby South CEO arrested

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Gideon Ikumu confirmed that the Moresby South CEO has been referred to the CID ITF for questioning.

It has been alleged that Mol was in Pari Village handing out cash to voters before they went to cast their votes.

Police received information and apprehended him.

More to come…