Moresby Northwest MP

PM condemns Sir Mek’s claims

Sir Mekere said it is time for the Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, to stop talking and start acting, to stop blaming others for the mess the nation is in, and to introduce an immediate program of reform and reconstruction.

PM O’Neill in response to Sir Mekere’s statement told this newsroom that the process of Government is well entrenched and cannot be influenced or controlled by one person.

“This is totally rubbish”.

O’Neill further explained that the difference between Sir Mekere’s leadership and his was that he always get things done.

Former MP’s officers return vehicle

 Acting Secretary for Implementation and Rural Development, Aihi Vaki commended Malabag’s electoral officer, Angus Ali, for returning the electoral vehicle to Sir Mekere’s electoral officer, Pedro Oroa today.

Ali, when handing over the keys, called on Sir Mekere to continue and complete impact community projects initiated by Malabag.

“There are a number of good health, education as well as other community projects that should continue to be funded for the benefit of people” he said.