Moresby Northwest By-election 2021

PNGEC address allegations

The Acting Electoral Commissioner last week cleared false allegations made against certain by-election officials.

Mr Sinai said the concerns raised were necessary and that all participants involved in the by-election have the right to be heard. This includes voters, supporters and the candidates.

He said not addressing the concerns is not a great way of managing any government services.

Jackson Kiakari eliminated

After elimination 36, candidate Jackson Kiakari has been excluded with 3,721 votes.

The progressive scores of the remaining candidates are:

  1. Lohia Boe Samuel - 20,671 
  2. Joe Tonde - 9,799
  3. Sengol A Parkop - 7,348 
  4. Dr Thaddeus Kambanei - 7,275 
  5. Walter Yangomina - 4,968

Absolute majority is 27,272. 

Meantime, Anna Kavanna Bais, the only female candidate, was eliminated on the sixth position with 3,971 votes. 

Declaration is expected to follow soon.