Moresby Arts Theatre (MAT)

‘Dream’ to awaken Port Moresby

The play will feature mischievous imps and elves, jealous fairy kings and envious fairy queens, star-crossed lovers, dukes and duchesses, magic spells, sleeping potions, enchanted forests, and a troupe of country bumpkin minstrels.

Performed by the Moresby Arts Theatre (MAT), A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a family show. It will enthral the little ones with its magical spirits, enrapture the romantically inclined with its tale of confused but happy love, and draw guffaws of laughter from everyone with its band of misfit yokel actors. 

Acting lessons aim to combat cyber-bullying

In a statement, the theatre says increased public awareness of the PRIDE program has resulted in more students arriving at MAT to learn about community issues like cancer, domestic violence and the opening theme for week two, cyber-bullying.

Armed with this new knowledge about their communities, students are guided by trained theater professionals from Goroko University in how to turn this information into catchy messages and lively theatre pieces that will inform the general public about these important social issues.