Moresby Arts Theatre

Moresby Arts Theatre Presents 'Taurama'

Crafted by the esteemed patron and local living legend, 'Taurama' is a timeless masterpiece, captivating hearts and minds since its inaugural performance in 1985, commemorating a decade of Independence.

'Taurama', a play by Norah Vagi Brash and directed by Robert Vaso, promises an enchanting blend of legend, kastom, music, dance, and humour, weaving a spellbinding narrative that resonates across generations. This profound play transcends time, delivering a poignant message as relevant today as it was decades ago.

Theatrical event coming soon

The is a collaboration between the company, playwright and director Andrew Kuliniasi, and Art Activism PNG.

The event aims to address social issues through performance art and features three plays written by PNG's leading playwright, Andrew Kuliniasi, including “Letters From Bradley," which explores the struggles of two men as they navigate the complexities of violent behavior.

Kuliniasi to premier event of the year

This will be part of Focus Marketing Solutions' (FMS) Arts Awareness Month.

"Arts Awareness Month is a collaboration between Andrew Kuliniasi, Art Activism and Focus Marketing Solutions as we strive to address social issues through performance art,” said Managing Director of Focus Marketing Solutions, Christine Peipul.

Music festival attracts great turnout

The daylight concert had artists like Saiikay, Tarvin Toune, Mal Meninga Kuri and Stagajah as well as Solomon Island’s Singer Young Davies, performing.

Organizer and Founder of Gold Entertainment Ltd, Samuel Lupo said that purpose of the event was to get families together and enjoy good music to end the year on a good note.

Production raises difficult conversations

“Art Activism Night Project is a project where I got a bunch of young people who are passionate about bringing change to their communities and to their country, and they’re passionate about certain issues that they feel aren’t really discussed in PNG. So I thought I would just create a space for these young artists to come and to voice their opinions, to speak freely because they feel that they’ve been silenced by society and so that is the Art Activism Night Project,” Kokoa said.

PNG's First Jazz Band

The certificate was presented to them by NCC Marketing Manager David Taim yesterday, following their live performance at the Moresby Theatre Arts, in commemoration of International Jazz Day.

International Jazz Day falls on the 30th of April and is celebrated globally purposely to highlight jazz and its role of uniting people.

The theme for the concert was "Promote Peace & Unity". Ni Yumei Paul, in her opening remarks, says jazz is a medium of peaceful collaboration of constructive dialogue.

Arts Theatre Gets Support

Both parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding recently at Holiday Inn’s Cassowary Park. The commitment was sealed with a sponsorship value in kind of K57,675 and handed over to MAT’s President, Bob Stanley from IHG PNG’s Area General Manager, Mauro Leone and Holiday Inn Precinct Hotel Manager, Rashmi Tulsiani.

Leone, said, “We’ve had a relationship for four years, but this year we stepped that up and wanted to be involved in more programs... Theatre is very important for the country. It’s a great way to promote the culture.”

Youth Arts Program A Success

The plays were scripted and directed by the students on topics such as homosexuality and suicide, police brutality and gambling which were put together over six weeks and took place among several high schools in NCD.

Andrew Kuliniasi, who started off as a script-writer and producer at the age of 15, and is now the drama director at the Moresby Arts Theatre, described the student’s written scripts and acting skills as the most “detailed and touching.”

Outstanding turn up at PNG’s film festival

The public flooded the Festival for the opening night film Power Meri, a documentary on the PNG Orchids journey to the 2017 Women’s Rugby League World Cup.

The screening was followed by a panel discussion with PNG NRL Team Leader and PNG Orchids 2017 Captain, Cathy Neap, as well as Karen Haive, Department of Community Development and Religion, Susan Ferguson, UNWomen Country Representative, and Stella Rumbam, World Vision PNG Operations Manager.

Moresby Arts Theatre’s newest play focus on Meisoga clan

The play is said to be a historically-fictitious play, based on how the Meisoga clan came to be on the island of Misima in the Milne Bay province.

The Meisoga is one of the biggest clans on Misima Island and the word Meisoga itself means Sea Eagle.

Kuliniasi is 14th generation Meisoga – biggest clan today in Milne Bay Province, and wants to capture the story of this clan, which he says has been lost in time.