Mitchell Pearce

Pearce suspended for eight matches

Following the consideration of all relevant material relating to the incident, the Roosters issued Pearce the following sanctions:

1. Removal of club captaincy.

2. Suspended from the club leadership group for 2016.

3. $125,000 fine ($50,000 suspended).

4. Suspension from playing in the NRL for eight rounds, and his return will be subject to on-going rehabilitation and good conduct.

Sydney Roosters, CEO Mr John Lee, welcomed the finalisation of the matter.

Ruck, the key to Nines

Pearce admitted the Roosters were still coming to grips with the Nines version of the game in the first two tournaments but is expecting an improved showing at this year's event, taking place at Eden Park Auckland on February 6 and 7. 

"It's different, and to be honest in the first year nobody knew how to play it," Pearce