Missing Child

Missing Child: Tuvi Tuvi Jnr

Young Tuvi was reported to have gone missing on the evening of Saturday 4th September 2021. 

According to his family, he was last seen at their family home in East Boroko, walking out of the gate of their residence at around 7pm. He was last seen wearing light blue shorts and a light blue T-shirt. 

Tuvi is a Grade 2 student at the St Peter Channel Primary School, at Erima. 

Appeal out for missing child

Jayden Simeon was abducted at Gerehu Stage 2, near the Lwanga Catholic Church at 11:55am on Wednesday.

He was wearing a pair of red boots with a navy blue trousers and blue shirt when he was taken by a stranger whom the uncle, who was minding the child, mistook for being a friend of the child’s father.

His mother, Beverley Rasahei is appealing on the public to contact 70093611 or 72391120 if they do see him.

A missing persons report has been placed at the Boroko Police station

VIDEO: Missing child

The toddler has been missing since Monday June 5th.


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