Miss Pacific Islands PNG 2015 Abigail Havora

Pageant plays crucial role in women’s development: Babao

Thus, Miss Pacific Islands Pageant PNG plays a crucial role in shaping and preparing young women to represent PNG in every aspect, via this platform

Havora’s journey far from over

Abigail Emma Kila Havora’s journey began with a single speech on September 16, 2015, that turned her life around.

Turning 24, she promised herself on September 23 to make history for her country, a promise that has pushed her to bring back the regional crown from the Miss Pacific Islands Pageant in the Cook Islands last year.

Part of Havora’s journey ended last night when she transferred the crown and sash to Kellyanne Limibye, who is now Miss PNG 2016.

Motuan inspired attire captures audience at pageant

The attire captures the history of the famous Hiri Trade, designed by Tabu Warupi from Central Province and worn by newly crowned Miss Pacific Islands PNG Abigail Havora.

The audience cheered in awe as the outfit was modeled by Miss Havora.

The two piece outfit (pictured) consists of a blue dress and a cloak made up of mini Lagatoi sails cut from coconut fiber, the same material used to make the sail of an actual Lagatoi.

Warupi said the frills are from the Motuan grass skirt worn by women to welcome the Lagatoi with singing and dancing.