Miss Pacific Islands 2016

Miss PNG lagging behind in internet competition

Nauru, with a population of approximately 10, 261, has managed to put Miss Nauru 2016 – Lucina Detsiogo – in the lead of the race with 80,495 votes.

Treading closely behind, from an island population of approximately 106,738 is Miss Tonga 2016, Laura Melaia Renae Lauti, with 78, 622 votes.

Even with only 901, 830 estimated population compared to PNG’s 8 million-plus, Miss Fiji 2016, Anne Christine Dunn, is a spot ahead of PNG with 6,856 votes.
Following behind in the race are:

Team Miss PNG off to Apia, Samoa

The team of more than 10 departed the country at 1:51pm on Virgin Air.

They will fly through Brisbane and then Auckland, New Zealand where they will spend at least 8 hours before continuing to their destination.

They are expected to touch down at the Faleolo International Airport at about 13:55pm tomorrow, Samoan time (9:00 am PNG time).

Miss PNG, Kellyanne Limbiye and Miss Pacific Abigail Havora will be stepping out fully dressed with their crowns and sash.

“I am super excited, nervous, just full of emotions right now,” Limbiye said.

Contestants for 30th Annual PI pageant announced

The pageant will be staged from Sunday 27 November to Friday 2 December with theme, ‘Celebrating our History and Embracing our Future’.

Eight beautiful contestants are vying for the crown, with the pageant night to beheld on Friday, December 2 at 7pm at Gymn 1 in Tuanaimato.

Competing this year are contestants from the Pacific Islands of American Samoa, Cook Islands, Fiji, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Samoa and Tonga.

The eight Pacific Island beauties are:

The team behind the pageant’s contestants

A team is involved in prepping contestants for necessary skills such as public speaking, conversation skills and posture. 

Miss PNG ready to transfer Crown

And as we count down on the days, Loop PNG asked her about her reign and how she feels about ending it.

Here’s the brief interview:

How has it been juggling the responsibilities of Miss PNG as well as Miss Pacific Island and your personal life?

It’s been really stressful. I think the reason why it’s very stressful for me is my timetable with my studies is really full on.

I’ve had to compromise either one, sometimes I had to compromise my studies or pageant duties to fit in.