PM confident in new ministers

A total of 25 ministers were sworn-in by the Governor General Sir Bob Dadae today at the Government House in Port Moresby.

“There’s a good wealth of experience and young talent leaders who have come in to save our country in the next few years.

“I know that they will give it their best of ability to serve the nation and the people and today is the beginning of that.”

O’Neill said the first cabinet meeting will be held tomorrow to begin the work that is ahead of them to meet the aspirations of the people and the country.

6 ministers storm out Lebanese Cabinet amid trash crisis

Hezbollah later issued a statement saying it supported peaceful protests against "endemic corruption," calling it a legitimate right. The statement suggested the powerful group was throwing its weight behind the protest movement now calling on the government to resign.

Prime Minister Tammam Salam had called for the emergency meeting after a weekend of clashes between security forces and demonstrators protesting against corruption and poor public services.