Minister for Trade

Minister blames Foreign Affairs dept

Mori made this call after being questioned by this newsroom on the Government’s plans in dealing with especially Asians dominating small business operations.

Minister Mori claims Asians are illegally running canteens in settlements and other semi-urban areas without proper work permits.

“They were not supposed to take over the job opportunities that are meant for the locals.

“My department can just get a boat and ship them to where they came from.”

However, he blames the Department of Foreign Affairs and Labour for their entry into the country.

No parallel programs for agriculture: Minister

This is in response to the announcement by the Minister for Trade, Commerce and Industry, Wera Mori, to revive rundown plantations through cooperative societies.

In September, Mori announced plans by his Ministry to spearhead the revival of rundown plantations through the cooperative society scheme, which had died out.

Yesterday, Agriculture Minister Allan said his Ministry and Department was mandated to oversee the sector.

Stop misleading voters: Minister

Minister for Trade, Commerce and Industry Richard Maru told Loop PNG that candidates must campaign on their policies and not lies.    

 “I think we have to stand on policies, why are you standing, what will do, that somebody else won’t do,” the Yangoru Sausssia MP said.  

“That is what we must focus on, and not all the lies and propagandas like, PNC ‘salim kantri’ (sold the country), what do you mean by PNC salim kantri (sold the country)?  

I have support across Yangoru-Saussia: Maru

Maru in an interview with Loop PNG said he had done more compared to past Yangoru – Saussia Members of Parliament.  

“I think, I have a very good chance to return, the people have seen transformation (infrastructures and services delivery) not seen in the last 40 years.”

Maru said within his five year reign, more roads were constructed linking villages not connected by road before.

First permanent classroom after 28 years

The school established in 1989, is situated among the vast grassland of Yangoru – Saussia District of East Sepik Province.  

It is level 4 school, with five teachers and 99 students.

Headmaster John Boyek said, the double classroom with 60 desks and chairs will definitely give a moral boast to the students.

The Yangoru Saussia District Development Authority funded the construction of the classroom and purchase desks and chairs totalling K100, 000.    

Rice importers ‘inflating their prices’

“We have more than reasonable grounds to suspect that widespread transfer pricing by rice importers are inflating the price of rice to our consumers, depriving the State of revenues by keeping revenues off-shore and are draining our Forex (Foreign Reserve),” Minister for Trade, Commerce and Industry, Richard Maru, said. 

“The Department studied the quoted global prices of rice compared to the rice being imported into PNG and discovered irreconcilable discrepancies.

Maru hopes SME Bill will be ready for House

Maru said both legislations are awaiting National Executive Council approval which he says he has spoken to Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, about to make it an agenda.

The Minister responded to Mendi MP, Dei Kewanu, who enquired on the status of the legislations.

“I’m happy to inform this Parliament that both legislations are now awaiting NEC approval.

Maru to attend Commonwealth Trade Ministers meet

The Ministers Meeting will discuss areas where the Commonwealth can work together to strengthen trade and investment links between member countries and develop a policy agenda ahead of the 2018 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.

Maru said Commonwealth countries are currently seeking to establish new trading relationships at a time of stagnating global trade and increasing protectionism sentiments.

Maru slams Fijian counterpart for denying correspondence on restriction

Last week, the PNG Trade Minister said Fiji must respond in 14 days to why it restricts Trukai Rice, Snax biscuits and Ox and Palm to avoid retaliatory actions.

The trade imbalance between the two largest economy in the Pacific favours Fiji, with a deficit of K45 million.

"Fiji Trade Minister (Faiyaz Didiq Koya) lied to (Fiji) media that he never received a notice from us, when we wrote to him on August 15, 2016," Maru said yesterday.

He added that during the MSG meeting in Vanuatu, Fijians did not attend.

Maru: Koiari landowners to be paid soon

His comments followed demands by a Koiari land group for the National Government to meet its outstanding commitment of K10 million for the usage of its customary land which house the Sirinumu Dam that supply water to Port Moresby and parts of Central Province.

The Koiari people of Central Province have already been paid K20 million for the usage of their land and water source last year.