Minister for Sports Justin Tkatchenko

Tkatchenko congratulates Tsaka on re-appointment

Tsaka was re-appointed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Lae, during the weekend, for another three-year term.

Tkatchenko highlighted that the successful AGM shows that the management from the board level down to the chief executive officer have the confidence of all the teams’ presidents throughout the country.

Tkatchenko said this shows that rugby league has now taken the lead in good governance and good sport.

Dates for Transportation Ministerial Meeting announced

This was announced by the Minister Responsible for Sports, National Events and APEC, Justin Tkatchenko, and the Minister for Transportation & Infrastructure, Malakai Tabar.

Tabar said the hosting of the Transportation Ministerial Meeting will provide the opportunity to advance transportation issues that are of great consequence to the Nation and to the APEC Region.

“The key to economic development in our region is the development of safe and efficient transportation networks that get goods to market,” Tabar said.

PNG hockey to host Oceania U18 youth qualifiers

The Minister for Sports, Justin Tkatchenko, proudly announced this on behalf of the Hockey Federation yesterday at the Sir John Guise stadium Hockey Pavilion.

Tkatchenko thanked the hockey federation for bidding to host the event, announcing that it is another milestone event for sports in the country.

“2018 will be a big year for sports in PNG as we will be hosting a number of international sporting events.

Tkatchenko corrects statements by Dei MP Nukundi

"The Honourable MP has clearly been misinformed, as it is very evident that he did not see or read my statement in person," Tkatchenko said.

"There is nothing in my statement that labels all Western Highlanders, as stated by the MP.

“I suggest that he go through my statement personally, and make his conclusions.”

The National Government is the key stakeholder for hosting rights for the upcoming 2016 FIFA Under 20 Womens World Cup in November, and the 2017 Rugby League World Cup, and this incident has brought our credibility to host such events into question.