Minister for Public Service

Public servants reminded of privileges, responsibilities

Minister for Public Service, Soroi Eoe, urged the public servants to know and fear God so that they can be good stewards of resources at their disposal, including time management and financial accountability.   

“Because if you don’t know God you don’t know your responsibilities. There’s no commitment. You cannot have that challenge of stealing money, the challenge of coming late, or just coming in because you want to be seen to be signing attendance record to look good but where is your productivity: these are challenges that we face.”

Public service audit underway

Minister for Public Service Westley Nukundj made this response after Member for Nuku, Joe Sungi, asked him what plans he had in place in identifying relevant public service positions and ensure people were being paid for actually doing work.

Minister refutes rumours of new Chief Secretary

The Minister issued this response after a post on Facebook, congratulating the former Investment Promotion Authority managing director and current APEC Ambassador, Ivan Pomaleu, on his appointment, went viral.

Minister Nukundj, when brushing aside this claim, advised Papua New Guineans to be responsible and avoid spreading false rumours.

(APEC Ambassador Ivan Pomaleu with Chief Secretary to Government, Isaac Lupari - Filepic)


Kapavore calls for Political harmony

He said this when calling Provincial Administrations and Open MP’s to follow legislation when appointing District Administrators.

Kapavore said he has received letters of complaints from Open MP’s regarding the manner in which some of their District Administrators were treated by Provincial Administrators.

Usino-Bundi MP, Jimmy Uguro, sought clarification from Minister Kapavore on the process of appointing District Administrators.

He said in some cases Provincial Administrators were appointing District Administrators without consultation with Open MP’s

Unattached public servants costing state millions

Minister for Public Service, Elias Kapavore, said there are about 915,000 public servants of which over 6,000 are unattached to positions that are still being paid by the government.

“This is costing K190 million each year and 6 to 7 million Kina every fortnight,” he said.

Minister Kapavore challenged heads of departments to deal with the matter respectively in each department before even thinking about recruiting new staff as well as requesting for new resources.

John Bivi recognized as acting Madang administrator

Minister for Public Service, Elias Kapavore, made the announcement after being asked by Usino Bundi MP for confirmation of the appointment.

Kapavore said the National Executive Council have appointed Bivi to be acting after Danny Aloi was suspended by the Provincial Executive Council pending investigation of allegations laid against him.

He called on the public servants and the people of Madang to abide by the NEC decision and work with Mr Bivi.

He said there is only one administrator and it is John Bivi and not Aloi.

DPM to trial time keeping system

Public Service Minister, Elias Kapavore, announced this today during a hand-over take-over ceremony.

Kapavore takes over the role as Public Service Minister after Sir Puka Temu was appointed Health Minister.

He told public servants during the event that as the department responsible for the appointment and conduct of public servants in the country, it was necessary for them begin the roll out of the time keeping system.