Minister for Petroleum and Energy Nixon Duban

Landowner royalties to be paid together: Duban

The Minister said landowners from the resource areas, pipeline and plant site areas will be paid together after all landowner issues are dealt with, and no preferences will be given.  

Duban said the Court of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) will be dealing with landowners’ disagreements with the department’s identification and clan vetting processes.

The minister was responding to questions from Kikori MP, Mark Maipakai, in Parliament on Friday.

First Oil & Gas conference scheduled for 2017

Minister for Petroleum and Energy Nixon Duban during the announcement this afternoon said the petroleum industry is growing and needs an avenue to market it to the potential investors.

“The summit will showcase PNG as an investment destiny in the oil and gas market.

“We believe PNG have not been marketed properly and the timing is right for world to know PNG as prospect market,” Minister Duban said.