Minister for Petroleum and Energy

No clause for LNG domestic market obligation: Pok

Minister for Petroleum and Energy Fabian Pok revealed this on the floor of parliament recently after being questioned by Finschhafen MP Reinbo Paita.

“Do we have a clear market domestic market obligation as a government?

“Do we have a clear energy policy to help reduce the price and cost of energy in the country?” said Paita.

Pok said the government, during the drawing up of the LNG agreement back in 2008 and 2009, had failed to include a clause which allowed for the LNG to be made available for the domestic market.

Duban gives K300,000 to Aufan

Minister Duban made the announcement in the presence of people gathered to witness the reconciliation ceremony hosted by Aufan community with two wokabaut sawmills, funds for women’s project, youths, church, sports and other activities in the community.

Minister Duban says he has no grudges against the people of Aufan to have involved in the court case which proceeded to a by election.

He says he is ready to help the people of Aufan to bring development to the community.