Minister Malakai Tabar

420,000 deaths caused by heavy vehicle accidents: Study

The 10th APEC Transportation Ministerial Meeting, in Port Moresby on 9-13 October, will provide the opportunity to advance transportation issues that are of great consequence to the Nation and to the APEC Region.

Minister for Transportation & Infrastructure, Malakai Tabar, says policy measures being advanced at this APEC meeting include a framework for heavy vehicle safety.

NMSA audited under IMO scheme

IMO Member States audits are carried out at seven year intervals with the objective of verifying the implementation and enforcement of applicable IMO instruments in the country.

The week-long audit took place in Port Moresby with the audit team making short regional visits to NMSA’s Lae and Kokopo offices of which IMO evaluated the extent to which PNG gives full and complete effect to relevant instruments to which it is a party.

Marus assures resumption of 2016 academic programs for universities

After receiving the ministerial portfolio today from outgoing Minister Malakai Tabar, Marus said he expects immediate commencement of classes at the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG), University of Goroka (UOG) and PNG University of Technology (Unitech).

Marus expects the commencement of inclusive reconciliation strategy for all staff, students and management before classes begin and for Churches to be involved in the reconciliation process.

He said all legal cases between parties must be assessed in favour of agreement on a way forward.