Minister for Housing

Duran Farm Housing Developers Sign MoA

Minister for Housing, Justin Tkatchenko and NHC Managing Director, Henry Mokono signed the MoAs with the first selected developer, Chinese Steel Estate Company and second developer, PNG Resources Corporation to finally kick start the low cost housing project that the government has committed to all Papua New Guineans.

Kaupa welcomes criticisms

The member bluntly addressed critics saying that he needed cooperation to ensure the district moved forward in terms of the five-year development plans.

In a recent media briefing, the MP admitted that while his administration was not perfect, he welcomed input from all development partners.

“My door is always open,” stated Kaupa.

“If you have genuine ideas to move (the electorate) forward, come and talk to me.

“Let’s all work together.”

Housing minister responds to eviction query

He believes these evictions are being arranged by those with vested interest.

In parliament yesterday – the first sitting for 2018 – Minister Kaupa said a Ministerial statement is due in a couple of weeks on the internal investigations he recently gave directions for, in various parts of the country.

The Minister for Housing was responding to questions raised by Member for Markham, Koni Iguan, regarding serious housing evictions imposed on several families in Lae, Morobe Province.