Minister for Finance and Rural Development

Pundari Rebuts Ipatas’ Statement

He made this remarks after Governor Sir Peter Ipatas in a media conference on Tuesday accused him of not delivering services to his people.  
“I do have a lot of respect for Sir Peter Ipatas as the senior Knight in Enga. The people of Enga are the best judges of the issue I raised on the abuse of decentralized powers in the public service in Enga. I am speaking out for the silent majority.

Sir John Unaware Of Statement

He said it appears that the article was written using various sources, including the Public Accounts Committee report tabled in Parliament.

“I have yet to release anything formal. To the best of my knowledge, I am unaware of any culpability on the part of Borneo Pacific, except that we have room for improvement in the procurement and tender process for the supply and distribution of medicines,” said Sir John.