Mineral Resource Authority (MRA)

15 New Porgera tenements signed

Following the signing of SML 13 and the Proposal for Development by the Governor General on the 13th October 2023, MRA has moved to support the main SML with the signing of 15 ancillary support tenements..

Garry said the 15 tenements will support the development of the main Porgera SML 13 covering areas of tailing, and operation lines among others.

He said the main tenements are Ramu Nickel, Majour Resources, Kainantu Mine and Frieda River.

MOUs not binding: Garry

He said there are many instances of MOUs being signed all over the globe as nothing more than as a statement of intention.

He shared the sentiments following the signing of the Wafi-Golpu Joint Venture MOU signing.

After the signing of the WGJV MOU between the project developers and the state there have been numerous statements against the signing.

Garry said an MOU is simply an action plan signed by proponents of a project and should not be legally binding.

“For major projects as such, it's not very unusual.”

Keep away from SML area: MRA

In a community toksave that is being broadcasted on Lihir’s community radio station; Trupla FM, the regulator was specifically targeting public drivers who use the mine access road section between Kapit North and the Process Plant area.

MRA appealed to the drivers to always follow all traffic rules set by Newcrest Lihir because the road is within the operation’s SML.