Milton Kisapai

A shining example

Milton Kisapai is a shining example of what sport has done for him, from representing PNG in hockey, gaining a Bachelor in Science, and now representing PNG in his profession at the Economic and Social Council Youth Forum in New York.

For everyone in sports, Kisapai is a very familiar face not only as an athlete but as an advocate of sports, particularly in educating and driving positive community messages home.

​PNG athletes appointed as SDG champions

This follows a new partnership between the United Nations in Papua New Guinea and the Papua New Guinea Olympic Committee to promote the global goals.

The athletes, namely Ryan Pini (swimming), Lua Rikis (netball), Tania Mairi Mahuru (shooting), Christopher Amini (cricket) and Milton Kisapai (hockey) will be delivering messages about the global goals through sports events, educational programs by the Olympic Committee, and media channels, to raise awareness and encourage people to stand up for the goals.