VIDEO: Hundreds of migrants rescued off Turkey

Coast Guard footage released on Friday showed migrants at sea waving and screaming for help.

Camerawoman in Hungary fired for kicking, tripping migrants

Tuesday's footage went viral internationally within hours on social media. The N1TV channel's editor, Szabolcs Kisberk, said in a statement that employment of the camerawoman, widely identified as Petra Laszlo, had been "terminated with immediate effect." He said she "behaved unacceptably" at a police-supervised collection point for Arabs, Asians and Africans crossing the border from Serbia near the village of Roszke.

VIDEO: Migrants break out from Hungary collection point

Migrants made two attempts to break free from a police line at a collection point for migrants in Roszke but were pushed back.

In one of the attempts, as many as 200 migrants and refugees broke out of the collection point and fled into a nearby cornfield.

There were chaotic scenes and some minor scuffles as police struggled to keep them back.

Italy retrieves 60 bodies from April disaster

The navy says the corpses, transported Monday to Sicily, bring to 118 the number of bodies recovered using navy divers and robots.

Hungary bus fleet delivers 4,000 migrants to Austria welcome

Before dawn, they clambered off a fleet of Hungarian buses at the Austrian border to find a warm welcome from charity workers offering beds and hot tea. Within a few more hours of rapid-fire aid, many found themselves whisked by train to the Austrian capital, Vienna, and the southern German city of Munich.

Hungary sending buses to take migrants to border

In striking scenes, over 1,200 migrants walked all day and into the night along the highway, sometimes disrupting traffic with their vast numbers. At a train station in the northern town of Bicske, several hundred other migrants refused police demands to go to a camp, broke through a police cordon and took off for the Austrian border.

VIDEO: Boko Haram victim talks of struggle to reach EU

Nigerian Mohammed Mustafa is one of them.

The 35 years-old claims he used to run a shop in the city of Kano.

After Boko Haram set his store on fire he said he was forced to run and lost contact with his wife and three children.

VIDEO: Police clear street migrants attempted to block

The migrants were camped out in an attempt to block a main city thoroughfare.

Protesters chanted defiant slogans outside the station as Hungarian police blocked them for a second day from seeking asylum in Germany and other wealthy European Union countries.

Hungary bars migrants from trains; smugglers wait in wings

Hungary's right-wing nationalist government defended its U-turn — just days after it started permitting migrants on the trains without any coherent immigration controls at all — as necessary to send a get-tough signal. 

Cabinet ministers told lawmakers that the nation, struggling to cope with more than 150,000 arrivals this year, was determined to seal its borders to unwelcome travelers from the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

5th suspect in deaths of 71 migrants in jail

The court in the central Hungarian city of Kecskemet made the ruling Tuesday.