Middle Ramu

Teacher Training For Middle Ramu

Many schools in the district have limited teaching and learning resources, often relying on community volunteers to teach children given the lack of qualified teachers. Schools can only be reached by means of a two-hour drive to the Usino-Bundi boat stop followed by an eight-hour trip along the banks of the winding Ramu River.

Villages are mostly situated close to the river, but it can be a three-hour walk to reach communities further inland.

COUNTING: Middle Ramu progressive tally – after elimination 14

Middle Ramu - after elimination 14

COUNTING: Middle Ramu progressive result – after elimination 8

Farmers request coffee storage houses


Stallholders have requested to the Productive Partnerships in Agriculture Project (PPAP) under the Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) to set up the storage houses at several serviceable airstrips in Simbai and Kovon areas of Middle Ramu District.

The request was made during a nine-day visit into the mountains of Simbai and Kovon by a PPAP-CIC team.

PPAP-CIC Project Manager, Potaisa Hombunaka. Says lack of road and market access continues to remain a hindrance, not only for the farmers but also for the general population in these two remotely located areas.

High malnutrition level in Middle Ramu

And villages hardly have any improved agricultural practices to produce highly nutritious and quality garden foods to meet nutritional requirements, says Abner Yalu, an official from the World Bank funded Productive Partnerships in Agriculture Project.

Yalu revealed the observation after a recent field trip to the area.

"I walked from Duzin Airstrip to Simbai Station (about  8 hours walk) and was shocked to see a  high level of malnutrition among the children," Yalu said.

There is "virtually no agriculture based business apart from deteriorating coffee", he said.