Mendi unrest 2018

Opposition calls on PM to resign

The Opposition, in a media conference this afternoon, said O'Neill's leadership has been tarnished when his own people burnt a Link PNG aircraft yesterday to show their frustrations.

The Opposition has expressed disappointment on the burning down of the aircraft along with the courthouse and the Governor’s residence.

Link PNG crew safe: Airline

Two pilots, a loadmaster and a flight attendant were escorted to Mt Hagen by security personnel.

Kaumu said this was their priority as a company concerned for the safety of its staff.

Meantime, a source inside Air Niugini said commercial flights into the highlands region are to two ports – Goroka and Mt Hagen; the rest have been suspended, and that includes Mendi, Tari airport in Hela and Wapenamanda Airport in Enga Province.

Transport Minister condemns Mendi reaction

He said this action automatically cripples air transport in Southern Highlands Province, placing the traveling public, business houses and others in a very awkward situation.

“I appeal to all leaders to bring to justice the culprits who are sabotaging air transportation.

“My appeal to all Papua New Guineans is that no one should be seen to be hindering or sabotaging transportation of people, goods and services by interfering and destruction of transport infrastructure and its services like airplanes, sea vessels and public road transport buses and taxis.”

Mendi doctors urged to be safety conscious

Dr James Naipao is urging his colleagues to stay indoors and keep their mobile phones charged and on, as it is important to communicate amongst themselves, besides briefing NDA.

“Keep calm and get police contacts on the ground. Not everyone in Mendi is involved in this one,” stated Dr Naipao.

“Your management must have an emergency evacuation plan in place immediately.

“This civil unrest is highly politically motivated.”

The NDA president labelled yesterday’s destruction and burning as a ‘very, very sad day for PNG’.