Mendi Hospital

COVID-19 Cripples Mendi Hospital

Unconfirmed reports from within Mendi hospital stated that out of the 1400 people who have been tested for COVID-19 under rapid testing, 550 were confirmed cases. Alarmingly, 11 deaths recorded so far were COVID-19 related with 55 have been admitted in the wards and 35 very ill people are camping in tents outside the hospital, as there is no space in the hospital.

From the 11 that passed on, eight are male and three females but many who have died outside the hospital are not on record.

Hospital CEO brushes aside election rumours

“In my position and in this business of health, there’s no money that we can play around with,” Dr Joseph Birisi said.

“Our budget is tight; we are not a profit making entity.”

He urged those spreading false rumours to stop.

“Many of us sacrifice our time to bring this health service to this state,” Dr Birisi said.

“There must be some appreciation shown; don’t ruin our reputation.”