Men’s cancer awareness workshop

Huge turnout in Men’s Cancer Awareness workshop

Sponsored by the National Gaming Control Board, Moore Printing, DHL and the Royal Papua Yacht Club, the workshop is part of the PNG Cancer Foundation 2016 Mausgras Campaign to support the Men’s Cancer Awareness month.

Cancer researcher, bioethicist and medical oncologist, Ian Olver, conducted basic educational awareness on what cancer is, the early signs and symptoms to look for including what preventative lifestyle choices that can be made to reduce the risk of the disease.

Men’s cancer awareness workshops in November

The workshop will be hosted by Professor Ivan Olver, a cancer researcher, bioethicist and medical oncologist with senior posts in Australia and abroad.

Prof Olver is a member of the Advisory Council for Cancer Australia and recently voted new President of Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer (MASCC).

Papua New Guinea Cancer Foundation (PNGCF) is aiming to educate up to 400 people at the workshop this November.