Armed men threaten Porgera employees

The company confirms that an armed group of intruders attempted to hold up two mineworkers driving a mine vehicle near the Porgera Open Pit on Sunday afternoon.

The mineworkers were travelling between operating sites on the Porgera Mine to move mining equipment during mid-afternoon on Sunday 3 June when they were confronted by a number of intruders, one of whom threatened the employees with a firearm.

Skydiving in the nude with a violin

The Australian musician had set himself a challenge for his 30th birthday. He wanted to go skydiving, wearing nothing except a harness, and play a couple of violin pieces on the way down.

Armed with a A$50 (£30; $40) instrument, a bow and not much else, Mr Donnelly completed his feat in a tandem jump in New South Wales on Sunday.

He played Happy Birthday during the freefall - a little celebration for himself.

When the parachute opened, and he began to float, the violinist drew the opening strains of The Lark Ascending by English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams.

Who orgasms most and least, and why

But why does this gender gap exist, and what can be done to achieve orgasm equality? After all, about 40% of women experience sexual dysfunction, associated with a chronic difficulty in achieving orgasm.

Experts are offering some answers.

Men encouraged to take lead in family planning

CHW Paul Konare, who works in remote Rai Coast area in Madang, said previously men were not involved in family planning until recently when the Department of Health realized that they should be part and partial of all family planning activities because they play an important role as heads of their families.

He said that women particularly mothers go through a lot of hardships as child bearers and urged that husbands must also volunteer to turn themselves in for operations to help space children or control births.