Membership Discount Program (MDP)

Nasfund, Sanctuary Hotel renews partnership

As part of this renewed collaboration, Nasfund members will continue to enjoy an exclusive 20 percent discount on normal room rates and restaurant food plans at the Sanctuary Hotel Resort and Spa.

Nasfund’s Chief Executive Officer, Rajeev Sharma said the ongoing partnership between Nasfund and Sanctuary Hotel Resort and Spa exemplifies a commitment to providing unmatched benefits to Nasfund members.

Partnering Add Value To Members

Through the Fund’s Membership Discount Program (MDP), Nasfund members can now enjoy the following discounts;

  • 10% discount on accommodation,
  • 15% discount on dive bookings, and
  • 20% discount on day trip entry fee.

Loloata Island Resort General Manager, Uday Kumar said this partnership seeks to provide outstanding value for Nasfund contributors.

“Since the start of operations at the new-look Loloata Island Resort in 2019, the resort has been the leader in providing world-class tourism & hospitality services.