Members of Parliament

Marape clarifies MPs individual rights

Marape made this clear on the floor of Parliament today after Morobe Governor Luther Wenge raised concerns about the division of members of the PANGU Pati, some of whom defected to the Opposition.

The Prime Minister explained that it is entirely on the leaders to exercise their rights in deciding which side of the house they want to be in.

“The leaders who moved to the other side are exercising their rights as individual Members of Parliament.

“They have all the right to join which side of the house they wish to join.”

Parliamentary debates hindered

“Because em greatly affectim the ability of members to be present here on the floor to debate, harim discussions, participate in decision making process, vote on legislations, many other issues lo parliamentary business…”

Deputy Speaker Koni Iguan says the Office of the Speaker and Clerk of Parliament will look into the issue.

Parliamentarians pay respect to Late Akoitai

The Late Akoitai passed away on Friday 17 December, 2021. As is protocol, the late MP’s casket was given a Lie-In-State ceremony in the grand hall of Parliament House.

Acting Speaker of Parliament Koni Iguan led the Prime Minister and the MPs to pay their last respect to Late Akoitai in the presence of his immediate family.

“Honourable Akoitai was an icon for the people of Bougainville,” said Prime Minister James Marape.

​Milne Bay swears in MPs

Formalities were carried out in alphabetical order by district as each member was sworn in by the Alotau District Court Magistrate Leonard Mesmin.

In a ceremony witnessed by Milne Bay public servants and the general public, the five MPs sworn in vowed to work together.

The first to be sworn in was Milne Bay Governor Sir John Luke Critten, who assumed the Speaker’s seat from Wilfred Giarua.

Alotau Open MP, Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer Charles Abel was then sworn in, followed by Esa’ala Open MP and Minister for Justice and Attorney General Davis Steven.

One stop shop needed for SME registration

Consulting guru, Ernie Gangloff, says the registration of SMEs in rural PNG is impeded by the lack of a coordinated registration platform.

Gangloff, who represents the SME Business Council, said this when speaking to Members of Parliament during the National Parliament Induction Programme last week.

He said SMEs covered every business sector and industry and a standard framework on registration was needed.

Sitting MPs’ terms expire after return of Writs

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato confirmed today after the issue of Writs that the sitting members are currently still members of parliament.

"The term of the current members of parliament expires when the Writs are returned to the Governor General," Gamato said.

However, a caretaker cabinet is yet to be announced.

The caretaker cabinet will allow for the 111 MPs, including the Prime Minister, to be given the opportunity to nominate and campaign.

Nominations will run for a week, followed by eight weeks of campaigning.

PM: some MPs ‘instant millionaires’ after becoming promoted

O'Neill made these  comments at a press conference this morning in Port Moresby but did not mention names. 

"Some of us have to work hard for our businesses and struggle for many years to become who we are today. It is not easy. It is about hard work.

 "There are no easy solutions in life." O'Neill says his government is confident that despite speculations of the vote of no confidence, they will still intact to continue to serve the people of this great nation.