Member for Sumkar Ken Fairweather

Fairweather abrasive with PPP defectors

Fairweather was blunt with his word likening the defection of Milne Bay Governor, Titus Philemon, and South Bougainville MP, Timothy Masiu, to the Government as one of “prostitutes”.

“I mean I’m not as polite as Ben (Micah). Titus and Timothy went for money. That’s what they went for.

“That’s the name of the game at the moment. Everyone goes for money. So they’ve gone, good!

“If you’re a p**** you should go. It’s as simple as that, really,” said Fairweather.

Women eye top posts

On Friday, Sumkar Open MP, Ken Fairweather, urged women to not be afraid to take up the office of the Governor-General.

Fairweather openly admitted to being the most unpopular man in parliament, due to the daring remarks he makes, one of which was the issue he raised in parliament in regards to a woman becoming the Governor-General.

Geothermal energy found on Karkar Island

This was announced by Member for Sumkar Ken Fairweather in Parliament on Friday.

Fairweather asked if PNG Power can travel to the Island to investigate if the geothermal energy can be used for electricity.

Geothermal energy is the heat from the Earth and it's clean and sustainable.

Fairweather said Karkar Island has the perfect scenario for geothermal production of electricity which is very cheap and clean form of electricity.