Rebel Musik to raise awareness on West Papua struggle

Mogu, is part of the Rebel Musik collaboration taking the stage of XO state in Melbourne, next Friday, February 24.

Rebel Musik, he says, will raise awareness on the struggle of West Papua and other ignored issues.

Put together as an initiative of Aireleke – a musician and recognised activist for West Papua, the group of talented musicians from PNG and West Papua will voice the concern on the musical stage.

 “Music is an art form but should not be taken for the aesthetics of it only – the beauty of art as an organised sound.

What is Asia TOPA?

A vitally fresh and always unpredictable event, Asia-Pacific Triennial of Performing Arts offers a city-wide window into the creative imaginations fuelling the many cultures of the region.

The annual inaugural event was brought about through a ground-breaking collaboration by leading arts organisations from across Melbourne and beyond.

It believes that cultural engagement is key to expressing who we are, where we’ve come from and how we connect with each other across the Asia-Pacific region.

Car ploughs into pedestrians in Melbourne, police say

A man was arrested and "the situation is now contained", police said.

The incident was not believed to be terror-related, said Victoria Police Acting Commissioner Stuart Bateson.

The incident happened at the Bourke St Mall, a busy shopping area, just before 14:00 (03:00 GMT).

Mr Bateson told reporters that police believe the driver "deliberately drove into the crowd".

Footage broadcast on Australian media showed a maroon car driving erratically in circles in front of nearby Flinders Street railway station.


Overturned pram

'Brian' the kitten rescued from Melbourne dumpster after being covered in olive oil

The Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) was called by the RSPCA at 11:00am after its officers were unable to free the cat from the bin at Keilor Park.

The kitten, a stray, had to be sedated and covered in olive oil before firefighters carefully pulled it from the pipe at the bottom of the dumpster.

The tiny ginger cat's head was poking out of the hole, which was smaller than the palm of its rescuer.

The MFB said it was tired and dehydrated, and was taken to a vet for a check-up.

Beister cleared for Victory debut

The German forward's visa came through early on Friday morning, meaning Beister will be added to Victory's extended squad for Saturday's match although he will not start at Etihad Stadium.

Beister looked sharp at training on Friday as he prepared for his Victory debut.

"He [Beister] has been working away, very hard and getting close to being involved in the team and having to wait, like we all were," Victory coach Kevin Muscat said after training.

Anti-immigration, anti-racist groups rally in Melbourne's CBD

Anti-racist protesters have gathered in Melbourne's CBD ahead of a rally by anti-immigration activists.

The group of about 100 anti-racist protesters gathered on the steps of Parliament in Spring Street and chanted "racists are not welcome here".

The protesters have gathered ahead of a planned march by an anti-immigration group, which organisers claim will celebrate the Australian flag.

The intersection of Bourke Street and Spring Street has been closed.

Hundreds of police are expected to attend the rallies amid fears of violent clashes.

Asylum seekers detained in Melbourne given a voice through art

An exhibition at Richmond's Gallery 314 on the weekend showcased the works of four asylum seekers currently detained at the Broadmeadows detention centre.

Two asylum seekers now living in the community, and one currently in hospital, also contributed to the show.

Organiser Lisa Stewart said the four asylum seekers still detained had been transferred to Melbourne from Manus Island and Nauru and faced a bleak future in indefinite detention.

Griffin never contemplated retirement

In an amazing tale of perseverance, Griffin could've easily thrown in the towel after suffering his third ACL injury in four years earlier last season but fought on to make his miraculous return on Saturday night. 

Griffin last featured for the Storm in Round 20, 2013 – a whopping 1056 days ago. The Cobden-Kohinoor Keas junior put that into context by noting he lined up alongside now-Storm assistant coach Jason Ryles in that particular fixture. 

Despite all his woes however don't think for a second that retirement crossed the 25-year-old's mind. 

Madonna starts intimate Melbourne gig four hours late

What was supposed to be a rare and intimate gig at the 1,500-seat Forum Theatre on Thursday turned into fan frustration - at least for a little while -  because of undisclosed delays.

Digital Spy has reached out to Madonna's representatives for comment on the matter.

Melbourne's show was not a standard date on the Material Girl's 'Rebel Heart Tour' – rather a specially-crafted event celebrating Madonna's return to Australia after 23 years.