Medical Drugs Shortage

​Dept, hospitals to tackle medical drugs issue

They will identify available funds and support the services to approach local pharmacies and suppliers to purchase items which are in short supply.

Secretary for Health, Pascoe Kase, said there should be no reason for patients to purchase supplies that should be available directly to the health system.

Kase reiterated his comments from last week stating that this was a complex issue in the rapidly growing country, with understandably increasing expectations and standards.

Health Secretary aware of drugs shortage

“I was also aware of the very legitimate concerns expressed by the community and of the doubts this issue raised in the capacity of the health system to deliver timely and appropriate care,” he says.

Kase said this in response to a number of concerns raised by the community and some public hospitals in the country regarding the shortage of medical supplies and some critical medicine in the country.

He says his team is in regular contact with health services to determine the high priority supplies of concern.

There is no shortage of drugs: Kase

The Secretary made this statement after media reports of medical drugs shortages surfaced.  

“I reiterate that funding is not an issue and there are medical supplies available in all Area Medical Stores to be issued to health facilities in the country. Any shortage of drugs in the provinces and at facility level is manageable,” Kase said.   

“The Department of Health works in close collaboration with relevant government agencies to ensure that health facilities receive funds adequate to maintain appropriate stock level of medical supplies and provision of health services.