Medical assistance

12th Medical Team arrives

The event was witnessed by the Chinese Ambassador to PNG, Ambassador Cheng Pengnua and his Economic and Commercial Counsellor, Liu Linlin.

The Medical team comprises 7 Medical Specialist doctors, one Operating theatre nurse and one English Interpreter. 

Dr Molumi told the medical team that their arrival is very much welcomed, at a time when PMGH is transiting into a specialist medical referral hospital under the new National health Plan 2021-2030.

Little Jonah Receives Medical Assistance

Self-employed couple Hibi and Cathy Hawa have four children including Jonah. Just like other kids his age, Jonah is fun and energetic and enjoys nothing more than playing with his friends and swimming in the river.  
Jonah was enrolled in the local elementary school and was always early for classes until one morning everything changed.    
“We heard him crying to us for help as he could not move his legs. I thought he was joking when he told us that he couldn’t stand up,” said dad Hibi as he recalls that morning in March. 

MoA serves health centres well

Community Health Worker for Ileg aid post, Gabriel Poap, is grateful for this arrangement. The aid post’s recent supply came in last Tuesday.

The assistance is part of a MoA agreement which the company signed with the receiving parties and LLG, as part of Ramu NiCo’s corporate social responsibility within impact areas.