Proper checks needed for foreign medical 'experts'

Member for Wabag, Dr Lino Tom, raised this issue today during the Parliament session.

Dr Tom said a lot of concern has been raised regarding the quality of work from foreign medical experts.

"It is a strict requirement elsewhere in the world for doctors to be accredited properly to be able to work in foreign countries."

He said currently the country has no medical board examination.

A board like that would have properly examined overseas trained medical professionals coming into the country, and conducted appropriate board accreditation examinations.

Transplant surgeons save children's lives in Venezuela

 Clutching a tiny Bible, Gilda Velasquez leans over her son as he falls asleep with the help of a powerful sedative and a catchy cartoon jingle playing on a hand-held TV.

"Remember, you're a Christian, you're a Christian," she repeats amid her tears to Yin Carlos as orderlies wheel the 6-year-old into the operating room where he will get a new liver.

For any family touched by liver disease, an organ transplant can be a second chance at life. But the procedure is practically a miracle in Venezuela, where an economic crisis makes even needles and acetaminophen scarce.