Tighter new media rules likely to have impact on West Papua

The director-general of political and general administration at the Home Ministry, Soedarmo, said the new regulation was a follow-up policy drawn up after ministries and state institutions in charge of supervising foreigners in Indonesia, with the Foreign Ministry as the leading institution, agreed that it was important to monitor all activities of foreign journalists in Indonesia.

Media commended for Games coverage

  Sports and Pacific Games Minister Justin Tkatchenko this afternoon congratulated the media for the coverage of the Games period, describing it as one of the best the country had seen.

“The Pacific Games was put throughout the world and the Pacific in a very professional manner

“Congratulations to all those that broadcasted the events of the Pacific Games in a professional manner, the replays, the live events it was fantastic,” he said.

“Let’s see if we can continue with that standard with many more events to come into the future,” Tkatchenko said.