Media’s role in voicing GBV issues

This was the message during the Divine Word University Media Freedom Day celebrations by DWU vice president of research and higher degrees, Professor Fr. Philip Gibbs.

In his speech titled ‘GBV (Gender-based violence): Getting the message across’, he said those giving reports should consider the type of language used, and beliefs and actions desired.

He added that it was not just a matter of exposing the situation to communities, but to find approaches to engage them in ways that make a difference.

Why a blooper led reporters to share embarrassing tales

But her awkward moment also had a second act.

Exelby had been gazing at a pen in her hands, unaware she was live, when a broadcast cut back to her in an Australian Broadcasting Corp (ABC) studio.

She gave an alarmed reaction when she realised the error, but settled quickly to read the next story.

Resource industry and Media have great responsibility

Vice President of the PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum, Richard Kassman, said this marking the opening of the PNG resources Sector Communications Workshop in Port Moresby.

Kassman said the mining and petroleum sector and the media must update and inform all relevant stakeholders beginning at the village level ranging from the landowners up the Government and throughout the rest of the country.

He was speaking to Speaking to media personal and mining and petroleum company’s public relations and communications experts.

Indian anchor learns husband died in story she's reporting

She told the audience about the details -- three people had died and two were injured when an SUV and truck collided in Pithora. While she listened to a reporter giving more details about the tragedy over the phone, Kaur began to think that her husband, who she knew was in the area in a similar vehicle, might have been one of the victims.

But her demeanor never changed and the senior anchor, who has been with IBC24 for its entire nine-year history, kept reporting even as images of the vehicle and blurred photos of victims appeared on the screen.

Media urged to report facts during National Elections

That was an appeal from deputy Electoral Commissioner Simon Sinai.

He was speaking at the PNG Electoral Commission run-election training for journalist.

"Media play a crucial role in keeping the necessary checks and balances and I believe you will do the same for the 2017 National Elections to ensure there is transparency and integrity in the whole election process," Sinai said.

"This is because misreporting and misinformation can lead to unrest and violence."

Huge loss for media industry: Polye

“He had a distinctive voice with his fluency in English,” stated Polye. 

“He used to critically analyse important issues affecting the country and created forums on the radio airwaves to prompt policies and legislations to address them.”

Polye said late Hau’ofa had left a legacy with over 50 years of experience which young presenters would aspire to live by.

“He was a strong advocate for democracy, rule of law, good governance and systems of governance, amongst others.

Anti-establishment website launched

I can reveal that Westmonster is co-owned by Michael Heaver, former press adviser to Nigel Farage. The 27-year-old, who together with Mr Banks will own 50% of the website, will edit it day to day.

Modelled on the Drudge Report, the American aggregator site that generates huge traffic, Westmonster will be powered by the social media reach of Leave.EU, the campaign to which Mr Banks gave close to £7m - the largest donation in British political history.

British war correspondent dies aged 105

Hollingworth, who was born in Leicester in 1911, was the first to report on the invasion that triggered the outbreak of World War Two.

She went on to report from Vietnam, Algeria and the Middle East.

Hollingworth was a rookie reporter for the Daily Telegraph when she fell upon "the scoop of the century".

It was she who spotted German forces amassed on the Polish border while travelling from Poland to Germany in 1939.

Media challenged to help end gender-based violence

WHO country representative to PNG, Dr. Pieter Van Maaren said the media’s role in this area is very important.

Maaren said, “Stand with us, stand with the health workers and our partners to eliminate gender- based violence in PNG.”

Maaren urged PNG journalist to create awareness and stand together in line with the Human Together campaign launched by the WHO regional office for the Western Pacific to address this social illness.

Forestry firm claims media bias

The Company’s legal counsel Abdullah Reslan in a statement to Loop PNG said the documents contain various irregularities and are neither endorsed by any proper officer or authority of the National Forest Authority nor were they served on the Company by the Authority.

“Aside from the factual concerns with respect to the documents, it is profoundly troubling to the Company that these purported notices were disseminated without legal or other authority to media organisations, and not the Company in question,” says Reslan.