Humbling medevac experience

Angela Gul, an intensive care nurse was part of the medevac on June 24 that went to Seltamin village, about 30 minutes by chopper from Tabubil, to rescue young Moses Stanley who had been suffering from diarrhoea and fever for a month.

When the medevac team arrived at the village, the boy was very pale and dehydrated and was lying in his mother’s arm. Young Moses was also a septicaemia patient which added to his deteriorating condition.

Gul was able to stabilise the boy with saline fluids while in the chopper returning to Tabubil.

Medevac done to Mogulu station

The injured who were airlifted to Mogulu includes a child with a broken arm, a woman with laceration to her foot, another with severe burns to both feet.

A child living with disability was also picked up and will be reunited with her family.

They were airlifted by the disaster relief team currently going around the Western province. 

Roads and paths have been buried making it difficult for locals around Mogulu reaching the station.