Mary Morola

​Court reinstates labor secretary

The court today quashed her suspension from office in the judicial review case she filed against the NEC, the state and acting secretary George Bopi.

Bopi, the Chief of Staff to the Office of the Prime Minister, was appointed to act in the position after a government team, led by Department of Personnel Management Secretary, John Kali, was appointed to investigate the allegations against Morola.

His appointment will cease upon the reinstatement of Morola, the court ordered.

​Labour secretary’s judicial review starts

The leave for the Judicial Review was granted on June 13th, 2017. 

Morola’s lawyer said they wanted to know whether the suspension and appointment of the acting secretary, George Bopi, was legal.

The lawyer told the Court that his client was not aware of the May 3rd NEC decision for her suspension until the media reported it on the 24th of May, 2017.

She says she was not even given the seven days’ required time to respond to the allegations against her.

Bopi joins Morola’s suspension review case

George Bopi was allowed joinder in the case after his lawyer, Nicholas Tame, asked the court to be joined in the judicial review proceeding as the third defendant.

Justice Collin Makail, in granting the joinder, directed all parties to file and serve affidavits they intend to rely on in the trial by June 29.

The case will return to court on July 3 for further directions.

Secretary Morola was suspended last month over serious allegations levelled against her relating to the process of issuing work permits to foreigners.

Juffa calls on Labour boss to step down

Juffa alleged that Morola had been sleeping in office and allowing illegal practices to happen right in front of her eyes.

He claimed that an officer attached to the department has been illegally issuing work permit to foreigners who have never spoken a word of English.

Juffa said even though English is a prerequisite for the work permit, the named officer continues to issue work permits and receive bribes.

He added that most jobs done by these expatriates, especially Asians, can be done by local people.

Juffa to table syndicate reports

Juffa revealed this during an opposition media conference on Tuesday.

The tabling of the reports follows on from reports he received as well as investigations conducted by himself into the alleged syndicate operating in PNG, which he claims has proliferated in the province.

Juffa claims that the syndicate has been colluding with the Labour Department to bring in foreigners on illegal work permits when they have not passed an English proficient test, a key criteria before a work permit is issued.